Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Feelings....

hello guys this is my first blog and i am really excited about it... after loong chatting with my friend silvia (who inspired me to write a blog) finally i decided to write a blog. After so much of thinking and all i was not able to decide what to write.... then i got an idea that i should share my poem with all of you which i wrote when i was in second year of my college. this poem was written on 10/06/07. this was my feeling and it goes like this.......


I'm broken from my heart,
My voice is stuck in my throat,
For many days, in the world of
I used to float.

No one is careful,
Nothing is useful,
Everybody here speaks a lie,
That makes me cry.

I can't share my feelings with
my best friend,
No matter how many emails I try
to send.
Sometimes I think my best friend
is very far
Though it takes only five minutes
by car.

Sometimes I feel our friendship is strong.
Sometimes I think I was wrong,
Sometimes I feel like the
strangest one on land
These are my feelings which no
one will ever understand.

hope you all liked it....... i promise to share many more things of my life through this blog. please post your respose, it will help me a lot. till then take care and really enjoyed writing my first blog.


  1. Hey Milan you never told me about poems!
    I like it really...

    I stopped writing poems because I'm not inspired but I'll surely read yours!


  2. :) Mиланчик is talanted person :) I like it!
    Hope next poem will be "sunny" :)

  3. Blog is an outlet for many things.
    I'm glad you decided to blog
    and hopefully, u find it useful.
    "write to express, not impress"
    Its the honesty that matters. :)
    Write more soon! ^^